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October 1914

 Ewhurst Recruits

A list of 78 Ewhurst men serving was published in the October Parish Magazine. A list of 62 names had been published in the Surrey Advertiser in September (see September 1914) The Rector, Andrew John Hamlyn,  noted “Our little community has been taking its part so far in the defence of the Empire. We have sent 36 recruits to be trained. A recruiting station has been opened up on the Bank’s premises and a Recruiting Sergeant assigned to Ewhurst. Many reservists have been called to active service.” Sadly, Frederick Alwyn had already been killed (see September 1914) by the time the list had been published.


Alwyn F.

Francis C.

Russell, C.

Baker, A.V.

Francis F.

Russell, W.

Baker, W.

Frecheville, W.R.

Sartorius, E.H. Capt.

Barnett, C.

Giddings, J

Sellings, F.,

Bennett, C. Captain

Gill, A.A

Sherlock. A.

Bone, C.

Girling D.

Sherlock, W.

Brown, W.

Goodwin C.

Smith, G.

Buck, G.A.

Goodwin, E.

Smithers, E.A.

Carpenter, W.E.

Goodwin, P.

Steere, M.

Childs, A.

Hamlyn, H.W.A., 2nd Lieut.

Stemp, G.

Childs, M

Heath, F.

Stemp, J

Clark, H.

Heath, R. Lieut.

Stephens, G.

Clark-Kennedy A.E., Lieut.

Jenkins F.

Thayre, W.G.

Coldman A.

Joynson Hicks, D.C.

Tidy, A.J.

Creswell, E. F. Capt.

Kilham, H.

Tidy, O.

Creswell J. acting sub-lieutenant

Killick, A.

Tidy, E.

Day, W.

Knight, E.

Waller, P.

Doherty, W.

Lawrence, A.W.V.

Waller, W.

Dedman, F.W.J.

Longhurst C.

Warrington, P.C.

Dedman, J.G.

Leveson-Gower W.E. Commander

Webb, E.M.

Denyer, T.W.

Lord, H.L.

Westbrook, E.

Duffield, T.

Mason A.

Whitty, E.E.

Ede, W.

Peachy, J.

Woodley, T.B.

Edwards, N

Raby, B.

Woodleigh, -

Fairweather, F.R.

Rose, G.

Woolgar, G.

Farrell, F.J.

Rose, W.

Wyatt -

Intercessory Services for the War

Daily prayers were said for those serving. Writing in the Parish Magazine, the Rector said “Our daily Intercessory Services have been much appreciated and well attended. They are now held at 6.00pm. If any of our parishioners would like to have their dear ones mentioned by name at the Intercessory Services the Rector will gladly do so, if such a wish is expressed.”

“God is calling us as a church and Nation to Prayer. Our National sins are indeed marked before God and for these He has a controversy with us. Let our Prayers together with our confession of sin be more earnest. Let us plead with god to give Peace in his own time and in His own way. We cannot tell what is before us, but all is known to him and it seems this terrible War will be long protracted. Let us pray more earnestly than ever for the help and guidance of God in this time of trouble, for those to whom is committed the government of the Nation, that they may act with wisdom and courage; for the sick and wounded, whether our own or of the enemy; and let us commend to the mercy of God those who fall in the service of their country; that Peace may be restored, and that the issues of the War may be over-ruled for the glory of God, the extension of His Kingdom and the good of all mankind.
Will our readers [Parish Magazine] make use of the following Prayers daily during the course of the War:-
“Almighty God, Who hast made us citizens of this Realm and Empire, enable us, though we remain in the safety of our homes, to do our country service. Help us to pray for our Rulers at home, and for those who are in perils of War. Make us calm, unselfish and patient. Shew us at all times what is our duty, and strengthen us to do it; and give us Thy grace that we may with a ready will learn the lessons Thou art teaching us; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.”
“O Thou that slumberest not nor sleepest, protect we pray Thee, our Sailors from the hidden perils of the sea, from the snares and assaults of the enemy. In anxious hours of waiting, steady and support those on whom the burdens of responsibility lie heavily; and grant to all, that in dangers often, in watchings often, in weariness often, they may serve Thee with a quite mind; through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen”

The Ewhurst War Relief Fund

To help relive hardship to the families of serving men a War Relief Fund had been stated. The October Parish Magazine reported “A largely attended Meeting of parishioners was held at the Church Hall on August 29th. The Chairman Walter Webb, Esq., explained the arrangements the Committee had already determined to deal with likely distress in consequence of the War.

At the General Meeting which followed, the Rev. A.E. Clark-Kennedy said he thought it would be better that a sum should be fixed to supplement the means of support of the Ewhurst families of married soldiers. It was then resolved that 5/- be paid weekly to such families during the War and during the husbands absence on military service. The same amount 5/- weekly be paid to the family of any unmarried men who have joined the army and upon whom the family have been regularly dependent. A letter to that effect has been sent to parishioners by Mr C.D. Yates, Hon. Sec.” The Fund was supported by subscriptions and by September these had amounted to £343. It was reported that Mr. E.E. Whitty, who was one of the first to enlist had generously given his £5 Bounty to the Ewhurst War Relief Fund.

The Ewhurst Choral Society announced that they would arrange concerts during the winter months for the benefit of relief funds in connection with the war.

The Cranleigh doctors Messers. Napper, Walker and Willis offered to attend medically, free of charge, families of those absent on military duty during the war.

The village also supported the national relief fund – the Prince of Wales Fund. The parish magazine reported that on August 22nd the village band had paraded parts of the parish and made a collection for this fund which amounted to £6. A receipt was been fixed to the Church Door.

Working parties to supply garments for the troops

The Red Cross organised working parties in villages and towns across the country. In Ewhurst their efforts were coordinated by George Johnston of Garlands. The parish magazine reported that “An earnest appeal was made to Mr G Johnston by Captain C Bennett (of Westlands) fir assistance to his men of the 4th East Surrey Regt. Has most kindly been responded to. He said that the recruits, nearly 3,000, were very short of shirts and socks. Mr Johnston has been able to send the following garments: 56 shirts, 53 pairs of socks, 8 vests, and 8 pants, total 125 articles, through the kindness and generosity of the following donors: The Ewhurst Red Cross Working Party (per Mrs Creswell), Mrs Sartorius, Mrs Rigby, Mrs Gossage, Mrs Hume Williams, Mrs Mildmay, Miss Stewart, Miss Fraser-Tytler and Mr Walter Ede; to all of whom many thanks are due.

Belgian Refugees

Large numbers of Belgian refuges came to Surrey and the Surrey Advertiser carried reports of their names and where they were staying. Several families were in Ewhurst -

(c/o Charles and Lady Friswell, Woodland, Ewhurst)
Bellot, Amoor and Jeanne Bellot with Roger aged 14, and Marguerite aged 11, Schaerbreck, Brussels.
Bageard, Alphonse, Professor of Clarinette at Brussels conservatoire, Jeanne Bageard with Simon aged 14 and Marcel aged 4.

(at Lilyshaw) – Josson, Mons. &  Madame, son and daughter, Brussels.
Loens, Mons. Paul, Brussels.

(C/o Mrs Mudie Cooke at Long Copse) Guisen, Mons & Madame and their children Marie, Antoinette, Louise, Pauline, and Emanuel, Malines

(C/o Mrs Doulton at Magalee) Cuypers, Mons. & Madame and their daughter Rosa, Malines”

Some of the children were registered at the village school and on October 28th the headmaster entered in the school log book – “I have today admitted six Belgian refugee children – 5 girls & 1 boy as follows -

Simone Bagard aged 14 years
Marguerite Ballot aged 11 years
Antoinette Guissen aged 15 years
Louise Guissen aged 11 years
Pauline Guissen aged 6 years
Roger Ballot aged 14 years.


A Patriotic Meeting

On Saturday October 31st 1914 the Surrey Advertiser reported that “A patriotic meeting was held at the Church Hall on Saturday when Mr Joynson Hicks MP gave an address on the war and appealed for recruits. Major-General E.H. Sartorius presided. A musical programme was given by members of the Choral Society. Songs were rendered by the Misses Fowler, Stephens and Dean and Mr H. Warrington, and the National Anthems of the Allies were played on the piano by the Rector (Rev. A.J. Hamlyn)”

November 1914