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February 1916

Conscription was introduced in February for single men aged 18 – 41. For a small rural community Ewhurst already had a large number of men serving. Men would have the opportunity to appeal for exemption if circumstances allowed, for example essential agricultural work.  

Parcels for the Front

The Surrey Advertiser carried a report of the work of the Ewhurst Women’s Liberal Association.

“The members of the Ewhurst Women’s Liberal Association soon after the outbreak of war commenced making comforts and preparing parcels for local men at the front, and last winter despatched 23 consignments, whilst 53 have been sent this winter. Many hearty letters of thanks have been received from the men showing their appreciation of the gifts. The development of the work has been made possible by the active and generous interest of the President (Lady Glanville) [sic Granville] and the vice President (Mrs Dugald Clerk) and the committee are grateful for the assistance of many willing helpers who have given freely of their services irrespective of political feelings.”

News from the Front

It was reported that Frank Swallow of Brookhurst Potteries had been killed in action. Although he was a Cranleigh man, the Swallow family were well known in Ewhurst.

March 1916